Our Story
How we met.

Alexa and Jack met working at a local outfitter in Cincinnati in 2007. Over time they learned they shared a love for the outdoors, for activity, and a passion for skiing. Sparks began to fly in the fall of 2008 when they began to spend more time together outside of work. 

They went on their first date in September. Much to Jack's embarrassment at the time, he picked a spot outside where a stray cat approached the table during dinner. He did not know yet how much Alexa adored all animals, especially ones asking her for food. 

Both felt that their feelings were strong enough to mitigate the challenge they faced right away. Jack had plans to leave mid fall for a trip abroad in Europe for six weeks. Upon his return, Alexa would leave right after the holidays for a semester in Mexico with NOLS. Without the prevalence of smart phones, they got by with two collect phone calls and sporadic Facebook messages (which had just been launched luckily because love notes don't belong on Facebook walls...) leading up to Jack's return. Mexico was not as easy, as they had no communication whatsoever. Nonetheless, Jack was at the airport when Alexa returned home with a tan and ready for their next adventure just a few days later in Steamboat, CO.

How Jack proposed.

Like many grooms-to-be do, Jack had attempted to create the perfect, fail proof plan to ask Alexa to marry him before Thanksgiving. And like many plans, things fell through time and time again. This was often because Alexa changed plans without notice, took too long running errands, or found a way to turn a quick beer with friends into an all day affair during which Jack nervously carried the ring in his pocket waiting for the right moment.

After two weeks of defeat, Jack had decided that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving had to be it. After a few hours of convincing Alexa to leave work early to go to the farm with their dog for the afternoon, they hopped in the car and headed out. Only one block from home, Alexa decided she needed her work computer just in case someone were to need something. Jack patiently turned the car around. Soon, they were on the road again. However, as they took the ramp from their neighborhood onto Route 50, the tire began making a horrible noise. Alexa said to pull off at the next exit and to head to Tire Discounters, where they were told the tire was not safe to drive on long distance. Not unfamiliar with flat tires this year (two abroad and three at home this year) they decided to drive instead to the nature preserve in Terrace Park.

They arrived at the nature preserve around sunset. Jack set off for the point that over looked the river while Alexa dawdled getting out of the car, stalled to play with the dogs that lived on the property,  and smugly reminding Jack how Tire Discounters echoed her own sentiments about the tire. The rest of Alexa's teasing and jokes were not well received as they made their way to the overlook. As they walked up to the river's edge, naturally the dog went bolting off the ledge towards the water. Alexa was shouting for the dog, all the birds peacefully enjoying the evening when flocking away and Jack let out an exasperated "Alexa Grau" as potential disaster again ensued around them. Alexa turned around to find Jack down on one knee with a ring and a nervous smile. 

The Wedding

Saturday, October 20, 2018
5:30 PM
Attire: Black Tie
Ceremony and Reception
Possum Hollow Farm

Possom Hollow Farm is a family farm tucked away in Brown County.

Transportation information for the day of will be provided in your invitation. 

We encourage all guests who intend to imbibe to take advantage of this service or to coordinate car pooling with a designated driver. There are no reliable ride-share services in the area and the roads are not well marked or lit at night. Transportation will be available throughout the evening, so you are able to head back at your convenience.

Our ceremony will be held outdoors, rain or shine. Please consider appropriate footwear for navigation grass, gravel, and potentially mud during the ceremony and cocktail hour. Don't forget your dancing shoes for dinner!

A private space will be available for new mothers throughout the evening. Refrigeration will be provided if needed. 

Because this is an adult only affair, we are happy to assist in baby sitting services for those coming from near and far.

Wedding Party

Elizabeth L. Lewis - Matron of Honor

Elizabeth (Beth) and Alexa met in junior high school, but realized and built a strong connection at their summer job together in 2007. From pen palling, three way calls, to face time they found many ways to stay connected until 2011 when Beth moved back to Cincinnati and they have been lovingly obsessed with each other, their cats, and their squirrels ever since. 

Jennifer L. Foster - Bridesmaid

Jennifer (Jenny) and Alexa were introduced in 2012 by a mutual friend. After some coercing, Alexa and Jenny signed a lease together less than 24 hours later and the rest is history. Their shared love for dancing anywhere and everywhere helped them foster a friendship that still seems older than it is. 

John C. Oliver II - Best Man
Richard D. Oliver - Groomsman